„Rope in ❤️ with L- SHAPE“

🎺🥁Two of them made it first time without my help🥁🎺


Press palms in the mat
Press index finger ball down and stretch in a long inner arm
Wide collarbones
Shoulder blades press your chest soft to wall
Coccyx bone to ceiling
Buttocks press to middle of the heels
Stretch inner leg to inner heel and press into wall

After they said:
😊 I lost fear of the asana 😊

Stretch the whole spine and back of thighs.
Looks easy, but heavy to hold, compfortable with rope😊

⭐️So and now ⭐️
Sit on your perineum
Skin from kidneys flow to mat
Sternum lift up to chin
Long neck
Fingerdips right and left your pelvis
Outer shoulder back
Collarbones wide

Stretch inner heel
Work your soles „against an imaginary wall“
Suck the thigh muscles to the bones
Top of thighs into mat

⭐️🤩⭐️You get earth energy directly into your body and this asana helps you focus⭐️🤩⭐️

🤸‍♀️Lifting you higher🤸‍♂️

your❤️heart❤️feel space space space space space space space
and you open your body front energyfield.
This asana gives you decisive power and willpower … maybe
😃doing yoga every day😃

🐞So let your shoulder blades
🐝carry your anterior thorax up 🐝to ceiling
🐞Press your palms active in the 🐝mat
🐞Outer shoulder back, but
🐝collarbones wide
🐞buttocks to heels
This asana looks easy, isn‘t easy