A long long long ride to stretch
after a while you will love it
Walk with your hands more and more to the wall

🦋Then after the asana you feel lighter, whether heaviness would be gone🦋

🕺💃Try to do it every day the next four weeks💃🕺

🌲It looks a little bit like🌲…
😳Urdhva Dhanurasana😳
… oh oh oh didn’t think it was that strenuous on the thighs …

👍Find the right distance to the wall, arms stretched
👍Place the ball of the toes directly in front of the chair leg and the heel on the chair leg
👍Screw in the femoral root
👍Coccyx towards the back of the knee
👍Lift your sternum to the ceiling and pull it towards your chin, while you lift the basin
👍Head has a little vacation

👍👍When you release yourself from the back of the chair, let your shoulder blades carry you up👍👍

🥁approach to🥁
Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana

🐞balance and elasticity complement each other harmoniously🐞

🎺First step:
wall and rope and you
🎺Second step:
chair and you alone😬

Stretch back of legs and heels up to ceiling
Spine front up to ceiling

🎉🥁Give your best 🥁🎉
😊👍By the way, we started the chairPose with knees bent to the side, was easy to handle, really👍😊