🤸‍♀️Lifting you higher🤸‍♂️

your❤️heart❤️feel space space space space space space space
and you open your body front energyfield.
This asana gives you decisive power and willpower … maybe
😃doing yoga every day😃

🐞So let your shoulder blades
🐝carry your anterior thorax up 🐝to ceiling
🐞Press your palms active in the 🐝mat
🐞Outer shoulder back, but
🐝collarbones wide
🐞buttocks to heels
This asana looks easy, isn‘t easy

nice belt supported
⭐️Soles together
⭐️belt over ankle joints, under thighs
next to hip right and left
⭐️grap belt near ankles
⭐️roll sitbones forward & up to ceiling
⭐️„suck“ sternum to chin
⭐️outer shoulder down
⭐️Groin soft
⭐️outer knee joint flow to mat

🌻So far … much more to write, to explain … 🌻

Just do this movements and try to stay passiv/active at the same time 💫Stay with your best friend =YOU💫

❤️Be gently with you, work on hips, pelvis, joints are/can be emotional, also for men❤️

🐬Try to go with the inner flow🐬

GreatWonderfulHappyFantastic feeling to be inside with yourself

hinterher ist es immer herrlich