🌲It looks a little bit like🌲…
😳Urdhva Dhanurasana😳
… oh oh oh didn’t think it was that strenuous on the thighs …

👍Find the right distance to the wall, arms stretched
👍Place the ball of the toes directly in front of the chair leg and the heel on the chair leg
👍Screw in the femoral root
👍Coccyx towards the back of the knee
👍Lift your sternum to the ceiling and pull it towards your chin, while you lift the basin
👍Head has a little vacation

👍👍When you release yourself from the back of the chair, let your shoulder blades carry you up👍👍

🥁approach to🥁
Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana

🐞balance and elasticity complement each other harmoniously🐞

🎺First step:
wall and rope and you
🎺Second step:
chair and you alone😬

Stretch back of legs and heels up to ceiling
Spine front up to ceiling

🎉🥁Give your best 🥁🎉
😊👍By the way, we started the chairPose with knees bent to the side, was easy to handle, really👍😊

„Rope in ❤️ with L- SHAPE“

🎺🥁Two of them made it first time without my help🥁🎺


Press palms in the mat
Press index finger ball down and stretch in a long inner arm
Wide collarbones
Shoulder blades press your chest soft to wall
Coccyx bone to ceiling
Buttocks press to middle of the heels
Stretch inner leg to inner heel and press into wall

After they said:
😊 I lost fear of the asana 😊